Tuesday, September 02, 2008


A trip to New Jersey means a visit with the cousins! The Wog loves her cousins, and enjoyed learning about marbles from Peter, reading with Holly, making mischief with John (specifically in the form of a broken bed), playing princess with Mary, and tickling Leo's sweet little toes. As if five kids with another on the way, busy schedules, and settling a new home don't keep Len and Alice busy enough, they prepared the world's most delicious brunch.

The kids enjoyed the tasty feast with Holly helping to serve:

I took a picture of Len's plate. It was as absolutely delicious as it looked.

Svelte Len chums it up with The Doodle:

While they may look like old married couple eating a lonely meal at the table after all the kids have headed off to college, in actuality Peter and Holly were just displaying their excellent table manners.

Pop, Pop-Pop and the gang:

Leo looks particularly fetching in blue:

The Wog and John are partners in crime and hamming it up. I think they both have a little bit of John Paul in them.

We eagerly await the chance to visit with the Tetis here in New Hampshire some day! I can't promise such a delectable spread, but I can buy a good bagel or twelve...

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