Tuesday, October 31, 2006


The Wog has never been a good night-time sleeper. Within the past few nights she's been waking up and demanding to come into bed with us, and she is the squirmiest, wormiest little beasty once she gets there. She climbs on us, flops around, pokes, prods and probes. Here she is, after climbing Mount Daddy:



We were all set to go on the "Pumpkin Patch Run" of the local scenic railroad with Polly's friend Ben on Saturday but the weather was not cooperative. I modified The Wog's costume (head-to-toe feathers + violent downpour = one drenched little chicken) and we attempted to rally, but once we were downtown we realized it just wasn't going to happen. So we headed
to the Children's Museum instead, where The Wog played in her costume since she didn't have a change of clothes.

Here are some pictures of The Wog's modified chicken costume. Full-on chicken costume pictures coming soon.

Friday, October 20, 2006


A new file box, or plaything for The Wog?


The Wog, in an increasingly rare moment of repose:


Thursday, October 19, 2006

Wednesday, October 18, 2006


I've mentioned The Wog's nightly Dan Zanes dance party on The Wog Blog before, but now I have photographic evidence. One of her favorites is "Let's Shake" and our favorite part of the lyrics go like this:

Hunch your back and slide your feet, do the bug
Go creeping to the beat and do the bug
Spread your wings and fly, you can just shuffle on by
Well, I say cut the rug and do the bug

Here's The Wog hunching her back, sliding her feet, creeping to the beat and shuffling on by:

Monday, October 16, 2006


The Wog is officially a two-year-old, and there's nothing terrible about her! After over a week of parties (4 in total!) we can officially say the celebrations are over, although we celebrate The Wog every day.

Grandma and Grandpa visited from Connecticut last weekend and we had a small, Elmo-centric party.

Minnie and Pop-Pop just left and we had a party every night of their visit! The Wog was a tired little thing, and took very good naps every day of their visit.

Here are a couple pictures from her birthday morning. She wore the tutu all weekend, including for naps:

Eating the pink frosting off of a "cuh-cake":

Her snazzy new PB Kids knock-off kitchen (from Costco! it's adorably girly!):

Blowing out (or more accurately, "blowing toward") one of her four cakes:

Chilling at her party:

The Wog was her typically cute, busy little self for the entire visit with Minnie and Pop-Pop, but she was particularly cute one night while eating birthday ice cream. (She can finally eat ice cream! Yay!) Pop-Pop approached and playfully asked her for a bite; she pushed him away and continued eating. Five minutes later she called across the table, "Pop-Pop! Pop-Pop!" We all turned to look to find her extending a full spoonful of ice cream in his direction. She was sharing! (But only after she had her fill...)

Wednesday, October 04, 2006


Camera troubles might keep me from posting pictures, but not from sharing a story:

The Wog and her father have "Daddy/Daughter Time" each night after dinner during which they'll read books, have a Dan Zanes dance party, or just play. The other night dinner wasn't quite ready, so "Daddy/Daughter Time" started early. We have been teaching The Wog sign language, and she usually enjoys learning from books or DVDs. The Wog's father asked her if it was, "Signing Time"? Her immediate response: "Noodle Time!"

Speaking of the Dan Zanes dance party, I'll have to capture some video of The Wog doing "the twist," "the dog" and, my personal favorite, "the bug."