Monday, December 18, 2006

YOU ASK A STUPID QUESTION... get a Wog-ish answer!

The Wog was sitting in her highchair earlier today snacking on Goldfish. When she got bored with eating them, she started throwing them on the floor for Piglet. After they were all gone, she signed and asked for "more." I asked her, "Are you going to eat them, or are you going to throw them on the floor?" She responded--in complete earnest--"Throw them on the floor!" I guess I didn't quite make my point with the question.


We took The Wog's Christmas pictures on Saturday. It took the two of us to wrangle her, and over 250 shots to get ones we love. Here she is getting primed for the photo shoot with a Christmas book with Daddy:

Here are some outtakes from the shoot:

Possible caption: "Polly waits under the mistletoe..."

Possible caption: "Look Santa, no cavities!"

I was imitating a monkey behind The Wog's father's back while he took the picture; The Wog responded in kind:

Possible caption: "You better not pout."

And the aforementioned "Blair Wog Project" shot:

The Wog also got her picture taken with Santa this weekend! I don't have it digitally, but will take a picture of the picture later. There were no tears, but there weren't any smiles, either...

Tuesday, December 12, 2006


The Wog loves to narrate her daily activities. When she wakes up in the morning or from her nap, we'll hear her rustling around for a bit, maybe having a little chat with herself, or even demanding an appearance from her Mommy or Daddy. Our clue to throw off our own covers and dash into the room is when we hear these two magic words uttered in a sing-songy, taunting kind of way: "I climbing..." This is when we know she has one leg thrown over the side of the crib and is perched perilously on the edge, millimeters away from going overboard. So far, she's only made the leap (tumble?) once.

In addition to climbing around in her crib, The Wog also enjoys climbing up our staircase. Here she is on her way up:


This morning we attended the children's holiday party at our local children's museum. The Wog was very interested in the crafts table, and decorated her very own set of mittens. She finally understood the concept of glue (ie. for sticking, not eating) and worked her little heart out gluing and pasting and gluing and pasting. I tried to divert her attention to some of the other activities, but she only wanted to glue and glue and paste we did. We couldn't even manage to get a picture with the giant snowman! The Wog worked very hard at her gluing and much so that her little body shook with exertion as she pressed down to ensure the felt and cotton balls stayed put. She even threw in the occasional grunt to make sure we all fully comprehended the serious business of gluing and pasting.

The finished product:

The Wog in her party attire:

Monday, December 11, 2006


Until the past week, The Wog thought all trees were apple trees. We have an apple tree just outside our kitchen window, and he Wog's highchair directly faces it from the kitchen table. The Wog loves talking about her apple tree while she dines. (Apple trees and applesauce are two of her favorite conversation pieces.)

Here is The Wog's early-winter view (you can still make out some apples):

And a close-up:

But on recent trips to the grocery store, doctor's office, and post office, The Wog has become aware of a different and equally exciting type of tree: the Christmas Tree (or "Nis-Mis Tree," as she calls them). We went over the weekend to get The Wog her very own Christmas Tree. I'm embarrassed to admit that although it's her third Christmas, it's her first tree; for the past two years we have moved during the holiday season, so trees weren't exactly the priority. But this year, we are all about our Nis-Mis Tree.

Here is The Wog en route to getting the tree. She is a Stay-Puff Marshmellow Wog in her winter coat. I didn't even know if the carseat would buckle. She is enjoying an apple cider donut which we got at our first stop on the Great Christmas Tree Hunt of 2006....a quest which, eventually, took us across state lines.

And here we are at last at the site of our Christmas Tree find. It was very cold, and The Wog and her father are practicing matching scowls. Nis-Mis Tree hunting is clearly a serious business.

Mostly, The Wog wondered around, more interested in the snow (she kept exclaiming, "It's snowing!" even though it wasn't) than in the Nis-Mis Trees.

After we found it, The Wog stood guard while her father went to find help. We love fat trees, and this was the fattest!

Our fatty got carried away and squeezed into a girdling contraption:

The Nis-Mis Tree is now up and lit but not yet decorated. More pictures to follow. And Merry (Early) Nis-Mis!

Wednesday, December 06, 2006



Anyone who knows me (or knows The Wog!) knows I love dressing her in polka dots. The Wog's father took these the other day, before we were all consumed with a massive bout of gastroenteritis.

Doesn't she look like she knows what's about to befall her?

Signing for a banana:


Come May 2007, The Wog will be a big sister. She doesn't understand it yet, but still thinks it's pretty fun to stick a balloon up her shirt. Clearly, all pregnant ladies wear Easter bonnets...

Friday, December 01, 2006


The Wog and her father love goofing around together.


Unfortunately, we didn't get to be with The Wog's Minnie earlier this week to celebrate her birthday. But The Wog did tote around her Minnie doll all morning, giving it lots of love, attention, hugs and kisses.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006


Unfortunately we don't have any pictures of The Wog all trussed up for Thanksgiving Day, but here are some from our weekend trip to Connecticut.

Hanging out with Grandma:

Looking up to Cousin Todd:

Her grateful little self: