Friday, October 30, 2009


The Moo Express, of course!

The Wog looks so regal to be riding around in a cow car, doesn't she?


More from our farm tour--these pictures are from the "Corn Box" at Sherman Farm.

Who knew corn kernels could be this much fun?

The Doodle had quite a few down his diaper when I changed him later!

Sibling love!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


We did a tour of a couple local farms this weekend with The Wog's friend Jordan, her little brother, Andrew, and their parents. First stop was Weston's Farm in Fryeburg, Maine and home of the fabulous Hay House. Polly had some reservations about traveling to another state, but once we reassured her that rattlesnakes do not live there either, she had complete peace of mind.

The wagons are intended to towing pumpkins, but we found an alternate use for them.

All this baby blonde boyness is positively edible!

Sharing a snack under a tree:

No matter how much times change, rolling down a hill will always be fun for kids.

Still rolling!

The Wog shows off her new pumpkin friend, Madeline. She comes everywhere with us--including to the skating rink and into the grocery store. She wanted to sleep with it, but I drew the line.

A break for The Doodle. He loves little Doodle-sized chair and will always stop to try one out. He's our very own Goldilocks!

The girls declared this snack of kettlecorn and apple cider a "feast."

Picking pumpkins:

Pausing while picking pumpkins:


Going in...

And coming out!

More pictures coming from Stop #2!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Friday, October 23, 2009


The Pumpkin People are currently making their annual tour of Jackson, so we stopped by for a visit with The Adams Family while the Hugheses were in town last week.

Fall has been keeping us busy! As usual, The Wog's school got the post-Fair pumpkin, and she and her friend Morgan enjoyed some playtime with "Gracie."

As usual, "Mr. Emily" visited school in his firefighter's uniform and taught the class about fire safety. When she got home that day, The Wog asked if we could start doing fire drills in our home. That girl will keep us in line! (And when steam rose while I was straining noodles, she advised me to "stop, drop and roll.")

While The Wog has been keeping busy at school, The Doodle has been chilling!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


The Wog took one look at her brother--who dressed himself--and said, "He looks like a scoop of ice cream." And he totally did!

More flurries today. It is wrong to put a child in a snowsuit in October.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


It was time for one of our favorite fetes up here in the Mount Washington Valley--the Fall Festival at a local orchard and cider mill.

The Wog enjoyed the pony rides!

Meanwhile, the Doodle enjoyed a sampling of apple products.

It was a tough battle but...

...the candy apple won!

Apples make good fuel!

(The Wog, alas, cannot bite into an apple because she has--unbelievable!--a loose tooth!)


The Wog is five! None of us can believe it except for The Wog who has been patiently waiting. (All day yesterday she kept saying she was "4 and six quarters." I tried to get her to say she was "4 and 364/365th but didn't have any luck with it.") Yesterday we had her "Polly Five O" birthday party. The guest list grew and grew, but luckily the weather cooperated and we could have much of the festivities outside. Since it is SNOWING here today, we were lucky, I guess!

The Wog had a great time during her birthday, and consistently referred to herself as "the birthday girl"--as in, "and then the birthday girl will go over here and all of her friends will follow her," and "and then the birthday girl will tell her friends they can have a cupcake and then the birthday girl's friends will have cupcakes."

Lava treasure rock hunting was a BIG hit:

The Doodle with his "chitzah":

The buildup to the cupcake. The kids "practiced" beforehand, I think, hoping to speed things up:

They WERE pretty: (And there were 2 full trays more hiding in the laundry room. 21 kids and 20 adults eat a lot of cupcakes.)

Partaking of purple:

Lined up for the pinata!

Lily took a good swing, and The Wog in the background is amazed!

Don't come between The Doodle and his cake:

Doing the Limbo Rock!

A blur of happy kids head inside to open presents!

We had a delightful celebration and perfect fall weather--especially wonderful considering it snowed today!