Friday, October 28, 2005


Here is a sneak preview of The Wog in one of her several Halloween costumes. She has become impossible to photograph because as soon as we set her down, she's off and crawling. So The Wog's father stood on one side of the bed with The Wog, and I stood on the other side of the bed with the camera. He held her back and then "released" her, immediately ducking down to get out of the shot, while she tore across the bed toward me as I tried to snap her picture and prevent her from careening off the edge of the bed at the same time. This picture captures The Wog mid-tear, and The Wog's father mid-duck. Despite all the obstacles, they were clearly having a good time.


The Wog is sick. Poor little Wog. So off to the doctor we went yesterday, but there's nothing that can be done except baby Tylenol since it's viral. Our doctor is off on Thursdays, so we had to see the "walk-in" doctor--an all new audience for The Wog! She valliantly rallied to impress the people in the doctor's office; runny eyes, red face, audible congestion and sneezing, and yet the most adorable little smile at everyone. (Oh, and the Wog now weighs 19.4 pounds; we've been wondering!)

The Wog has never been a cuddler (in fact, she's the opposite of a cuddler and will vigorously push you away should you try to cuddle, snuggle, hug or kiss). The closest she's ever come to cuddling (and that was more "clinging") was when she was terrified at the Christmas Loft store we went to when Minnie and Pop-Pop were visiting. Even when she's being carried, she refuses to face the carrier; instead, she twists her body all the way around to greet the world. But all she wants to do is cuddle since coming down with a bug a few days ago, so we've been enjoying our time together on the couch.

Hopefully, The Wog will be feeling better soon, since she has missed Storytime and Baby Music class this week, as well as a Halloween parade. No doubt the Halloween parade was SORELY missing its lobster.

Cranky and yet so very cute:

Thursday, October 20, 2005


More pictures from Polly's party!

Here she gives her new car (about which she was indifferent--let's see if she feels the same when she's 17) a whirl:

She loves reading, like her Mommy. (Let's hope she gets her father's sense of direction.)

On Monday we checked out a local Christmas-themed chain. I had stopped in the previous week in search of wrapping paper and was shocked to find the building with the mild exterior I pass almost every day contains a winter wonderland! So we went back with Minnie and Pop-Pop. Polly did not enjoy all the life-size creatures that walked and talked and jingled at her. If you look very closely, you can see she is desperately clutching Pop-Pop's sleeve in both pictures. She continued to do so the entire time we were in the store.

This does not bode well for this year's picture on Santa's lap.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005


We had a small fete in honor of Polly's first birthday over the weekend. Minnie and Pop-Pop came up from NJ and Polly had a blast being the object of their attention. She had a great time, and there are pictures to prove it.

Here's the setup:

I made the cake in a fit of misguided Martha-ness. (I've since learned that fondant is not training wheels.):

Polly anxiously awaiting her birthday cake:

And post cake-smashing. It took her a really really long time to get into the cake. So long that we all missed the big moment, having turned to our own desserts. We turned back and suddenly--cake carnage!

Here's the one-year-old, exhausted from opening 8,000 terrific gifts from Minnie and Pop-Pop:

In addition to celebrating The Wog's birthday, we also made a pilgrimage to Walmart for what the Wog's Pop-Pop called, "Knock Me Down Elmo." She ended up with a "Shout Elmo" instead, which is delighting her and dismaying the dogs in equal measure.

Thursday, October 13, 2005


The Wog is 1! How did that happen? More to come, but for now a brief look back...

Moments after being born, in the arms of Minnie (who somehow managed to hold her before Marc!):

Being 3 days old is hard work!

Our very long little polliwog:

A six months old Wog:

And just last week, practicing for the big day!

Tuesday, October 11, 2005


The Wog has a new trick. When I heard her making noise this morning and went to get her, I found her standing in her crib with a big grin on her face and the light on. The Wog had one guilty little finger on the light switch!

Saturday, October 01, 2005


After The Wog's swimming lesson today (she did great with the splashing, but didn't quite get the whole kicking thing yet) we went on a hay ride for pumpkin picking!

Oh, the pumpkins!

The Wog carefully deliberated between the offerings...

And finally settled on one of her own.

(If I had this picture to take over again, I'd go for a little more Wog and a little less the man sitting behind her.)

We had a very easy time picking the best pumpkin out of this patch.