Friday, November 30, 2007


The Wog and I decorated Christmas cookies today. (Sorry, Doodle.) She took the task very seriously, and was quite proud of the finished result.

Any takers?

(What they lack in looks, they make up for in 3-year-old heart.)


Put him in an itty bitty pair of corduroy pants, of course!


I told The Wog earlier to "go get some shoes on." This is how she came back:

(I didn't realize until I downloaded the pictures that in addition to wearing her father's shoes, it also looks like she donned a pair of his pants!)

Thursday, November 29, 2007


The Wog adores both her Minnie and birthday parties, so it is doubly sad that we cannot join in this year's celebration. I took these pictures for Minnie's birthday card, and continue to learn just how difficult it is to get a good one of both kids. I do think they show how much they love each other, which is, of course, the most important thing.

Doodle, 1; Wog, 0

Wog, 1; Doodle, 0

Doodle, 1; Wog, 0

Doodle, 1; Wog, 1

Doodle, 1; Wog, 0

Wog, 1; Doodle, 0

And all-around goofy enough to win the coveted spot on the front of the card!

Happy Birthday, Minnie! We love you!


Sweet potatoes were The Wog's first real solid after rice cereal. She hated them and continues to hate them to this day. The Doodle? Not so much.

So bring on them there taters!

Wednesday, November 28, 2007


One of the first signs that we fit in here in New Hampshire after our move northward happened while Marc was at the post office one blustery day. (They don't deliver the mail here--you actually have to go to the post office to pick it up. And what exactly is trash pickup? We wouldn't know. We take our own trash to the dump--and by "we" I do mean "Marc.") Anyway.

Marc was wearing his typical winter uniform--scruffy beard, wool cap, oversized flannel jacket and Carhartt work pants. As he turned from the counter with our mail, a local old-timer gruffly--and approvingly, I like to think--announced, "You look like a woodsman."

Today was very cold, and The Doodle was dressed appropriately, which delighted the grocery store cashier. What do you think she cooed at him?

"You look like a woodsman!"

The Wog and I love our woodsmen, big and small!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007


I arrived at school today for The Wog's preschool pickup just as the kids were filing out the door, each carrying a decorated brown bag. The Wog emerged last--and ever so stylishly--like this:

When we got home The Doodle got brown bagged, as well:

(Alas, I am unable to digitally remove Piglet's hindquarters from the picture.)

Monday, November 26, 2007


...or CAN she?

The Doodle appears to be cutting all of his bottom teeth simultaneously (or at least enough of them to suddenly sport quite the grill) and has been suffering. After I dropped The Wog off at school today, I stopped by the market for some teething medicine. It has been sitting on our coffee table since I got home; I hadn't yet used it or even opened the packaging. The Wog picked it up and was playing with it, attempting to squirt the liquid out of the sealed tube. She grew frustrated very quickly and brought it over to me for help announcing, "I just want to put this on the baby's teeth."

How did she know?

(I've read that children can "read" amazingly well by inferring from pictures, but this surprised me still.)


This bundler was a hand-me-down from The Wog to The Doodle. We called it "The Tooth" back then, and we still do! (Although I don't think it's apparent from this picture just how tooth-like the outfit really is...)

For the record, here is The Wog in The Tooth shortly after we moved to New Hampshire, (Actually, I thought this was shortly after, but it's actually several months in--in March!--and look at all that snow!):


Happy (belated) Thanksgiving from The Wog and The Doodle! We have returned from our trip to Connecticut, and the kids had a great time visiting with Grandma, Grandpa and various great aunts, uncles and cousins. They came home well-hugged, to say the least.

With Aunt Arda:

With Aunt Suham:

The Wog was in absolute thrall of her lovely cousin Natalie, who patiently taught The Wog to play her very first video game! (We took these on the camera phone; hence the poor quality, but I like them anyway.)

A festive fellow:

Grandpa love:

Grandma love:

Polly Pockets love:

Kanderians, Kenderians, Vaillants, Zackos, Kasirs and Heberts:

And a quick story: at The Wog's school last Tuesday the kids made "stone soup" and then were each asked to say something for which they were grateful. The list was posted on the playground at pick-up that day and The Wog proved herself quite the little diplomat. Among all the "my mom[s]" and "my dog[s]" and one "Santa," there was her sweet little "my school." The Wog is also thankful for

And now I can officially concur with The Wog's new favorite expression, "And after Thanksgiving...Christmas!"