Sunday, September 07, 2008


I managed to snap this picture as she ran by in a blur of excitement:

There is a fake pie baking in the fake oven. The Wog served each of us up three piece of "pie"--some, she excitedly declared--had raisins! (You have to wonder where they get these things...)

She presses the button and does her "ballet":

She's late! She's late! For a every important date!

The Wog very carefully balanced her way around this path; she's been interested in the balance beam since the Olympics!

The Doodle went on the tractor ride and LOVED it. He was shrieking with glee (the Doodle always shrieks: with anger; with hunger; with frustration; with delight--this was the good kind of shrieking) as he pushed all the buttons and spun the wheel. Alas, no pictures of that, but a few of him just chilling. (He isn't as greasy as he appears; just enthusiastically sun-screened by his sister.)

The Wog shows off her pretty painted face:

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