Monday, September 15, 2008


On the hunt for wild mushrooms at Diana's Baths:


A literal representation of "pick[ing] your poison":

Excited about a discovery:

We kept the mushrooms away from The Doodle who clearly thought they looked tasty:

A bounty!

Stopping for a (non-fungal) snack:

We were having dinner with friends recently when The Wog randomly declared, "Austin, my Daddy eat{sic} all my food." Here he is, true to form:

A close-up:

They made peace despite the food thievery:

Mushroom hunting is hard work:

The Wog loves to balance!

Like a tight rope walker with a parasol:

More balancing:

Listening quietly for the waterfall:

These little piggies went swimming!

Keeping cozy on the way home:

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