Sunday, July 04, 2010


The Wog and The Doodle had the chance to "march" in the local parade in support of the MWV Children's Museum. We had a blast! The Wog and I bedecked our bikes, cars, helmets, etc. and were on our way!

The Wog and Elizabeth gearing up at the starting line!

The Doodle's car has only one speed so they ended up out ahead of the Children's Museum banner.

Still going:


Then The Wog eats The Doodle's dust:

A man with a mission!

A Wog on her way:

Can you see The Doodle rounding the corner way up ahead?

Happy Children's Museum lovers!

Don't mess with this guy:

The Wog's father's favorite float!

Pretty Polly and her poufs:

The Wog was delighted to see Miss MWV go by!

The Wog rode her bike the entire parade without complaint (well, complaining only when she ran out of candy to throw) but she hitched a ride afterwards with her brother.

Happy girl, sucking on a jawbreaker, after her job as candy distributor was done:

Look of concern caused by loud firetrucks. He doesn't know whether to love or hate them.

Post-parade: hot, tired and happy!

We had so much fun. Happy 4th of July!