Wednesday, September 03, 2008


Minnie, Aunt MB, The Wog, The Doodle and I had a day of fun at the Land of Make Believe. We even came home with a Plus One in the form of the fabulous Pink-Pink!

Playing in the Enchanted Candy Cane forest:

Dirt, apparently, is as tasty as a candy cane to The Doodle:

Our Princess:

The Doodle and Aunt MB go for a spin:

And take a walk:

And now the marvelous tale of Pink-Pink! We happened upon this game toward the end of our visit. Minnie bought The Wog three balls and let her do her thing.

There are 140 holes. I counted. One and only one of these holes is green.

The Wog is not so sure about this whole thing.

She winds up:

And gets the green hole! (Here she is, trying to figure out what's going on.)

The Jumbo prizes hung from hooks above. Can you guess which one she chose?


Life Pre-Pink-Pink:

Life Post-Pink-Pink:

Pink-Pink got the royal treatment:

The look on The Wog's face defines "pride:"

Heeeeeeeeeeeere's Pink-Pink!

(As for the name, The Wog knew right away that his name was Pink-Pink. He might as well have been wearing a nametag.)

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