Tuesday, April 27, 2010


This song was very challenging for The Wog and her friends, because it was a round. She is very proud of their success!

This song caused The Wog no small amount of anguish on the second night of play practice. We heard her moving around upstairs in her room, and then the signature clank of the gate, followed by shuffling feet and sobs. As Marc took her back upstairs, the hysteria escalated as she explained about this song (the first we'd heard of it) and how a poor kitty gets taken from his mother and kidnapped by a gnome. She then paused before warbling in her sobbiest, most high-pitched voice, "And I don't even know what a gnome is!"


A tentative script was sent home with The Wog on the first day of camp; she told me it had changed, but since we never saw another, the entire play was pretty much a surprise. (Considering The Wog NEVER stops talking, she is shockingly non-forthcoming about things I actually inquire about.) I was surprised and delighted when the curtain rose on the first scene, to see The Wog standing on stage...and then delivering the very first line of the play!

(I don't think she even knows who the Jonas Brothers are, but definitely an improvement on the line in the initial script about "Brattany Spires.")

Monday, April 26, 2010


Here is The Wog's "gift" to the queen. Once again, she loses a shoe. I guess we'll have to bust out the crazy glue next time:)

Sunday, April 25, 2010


The Wog and her friends worked very hard this spring break week in a "Children's Musical Stage Workshop" put on by a local organization, Arts in Motion. They learned all of this in exactly one week, and performed the results on Friday afternoon following the last day of camp. The Wog loved the experience, and put all of her heart and soul into it. (Which, I think, is clear in her face every time she reaches for the "e-brate" part of the song.) It was an exhausting, educational and fully entertaining week for all of these kids--ranging in age from 4.5 (The Wog's friend, Morgan) to about 15. I have a bunch more clips to organize and download, but here's one of her and her fellow townspeople celebrating a queen's change of heart!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010



I know I've been more than a turtle than a rabbit lately--I can partly blame the computer which is FULL of pictures and thus not particularly cooperative when adding new ones, but also general business is also at fault. Here are some pictures of our bunnies on Easter!

The Doodle checks out The Wog's Easter booty at Egg Hunt #1:

The Wog looking like she just fell down the rabbit hole: