Saturday, January 30, 2010


This is The Wog's go-to tune. Here she and her friend Morgan return from a ski playdate and give an impromptu performance!

Friday, January 22, 2010


To say The Wog does not enjoy having her hair brushed is an understatement. A hairdresser recently recommended that sleeping in braids would help ease the tangled mess she wakes up with every morning. She wore "Culture Club" braids (in the words of Miss Suzie) for a day and this is the look we discovered when the braids came out!

Doesn't she look excited? This is because she is headed off, as she told me, to a playdate at "one of [her] three boyfriend's houses."


We are still catching up from Christmas but so much has been happening since then I'll skip ahead. Mainly, The Doodle started school!

Here is our big boy, headed off into the tundra. This is what the 1st day of school looks like in New Hampshire!

He is quite a little pocket-loving prepster:

School has not tamed the beast! Here he is performing one of his favorite daily rituals:

(As evidenced by these pictures, we are a pretty Pants Optional household these days.)

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Friday, January 15, 2010


We headed over to Aunt MB's for a pizza party with the cousins over the Christmas break.

If you can't tell, The Wog was delighted to be there!

The Doodle enjoyed playing cars with cousin Leo:

Three 5-year-olds check out the neighborhood's Christmas decorations:

Polly and John, deep in conversation:

Not pleased to be interrupted:

Sweet Mary:

The Doodle always makes a grand entrance!


Christmas at the Hughes house consisted of a plane ride, various car rides, and Pop-Pop's cool train set. Both The Wog and The Doodle were mesmerized!

Santa was very good to both kids this year:

A delighted Wog on Christmas morning:

The Doodle rocked out on his guitar:

The Wog and her "Just Like Me" American Girl Doll, which she named Kelly Givens. Don't ask me why because I don't know!

The Doodle had some trouble sleeping while we were on the road. We should have moved his high chair into the basement and let him be lulled into sleep there. He was in a train trance!

We all enjoyed watching the trains go around, and The Wog particularly enjoyed announcing arrivals and departures:

The Doodle and Pop-Pop share their common interest:

Friday, January 01, 2010


We headed off to Aunt Gloria and Uncle Joe's beautiful home for their 2nd annual "Seven Fishes" Christmas Eve dinner. It is such a special time for all of us, and this year even more so because all five "original" cousins were in the house. (This hasn't happened in quite a few years. Welcome home, JP!) The Wog and The Doodle especially enjoy the chance to visit with their NJ cousins.

The Wog and Mary strike a pose:

They got lost in the manger for about 15 minutes. They both liked the Baby Jesus best:

Holly the angel (and birthday girl!) joined them:

Pretty much how The Doodle enters any room:

Liam followed shortly after!

The Wog winds up a snow globe:

Cousins and Kris Kringles:

It was a very poufy Christmas:

Aunt Gloria and youngest cousin (and brand new 1-year-old), Jimmy:

Sweet Holly:

Getting ready for chocolate mousse:

And there it is!

Leo was very proud of his:

The Doodle opted for a Christmas banana, instead:

If you can't tell from the look on her face, The Wog is smitten with John. Too bad he is already betrothed. (And then there's that whole "cousins" thing!)

I have so many pictures from our Christmas trip to NJ and hope to get all of them over here during the next couple of days --especially since we'll be under a couple feet of snow! (I just noticed The Wog's oldest cousin, Peter, is missing from these pictures. He was probably demonstrating an amazing magic trick or talking football during most of the action, but we have more to come!)