Wednesday, July 30, 2008


We checked out a new playground today because we heard it had nice shade. It did, as well as a giant pile of dirt!

The kids swarmed on that thing like ants on an anthill:

Note The Wog zipping down the slide in the background:

The Doodle is compelled to climb these days:

With Baby Hannah:

Phee-baby* joins in. The Doodle loves the ladies!

I call this group--including an MIA "Phee-baby Cooper"--Playgroup: The Next Generation."

*Phee-baby got her name because when she was born we all called her Baby Phoebe, which The Wog (unintentionally) condensed into "Phee-baby." The Wog then started calling Cooper "Phee-baby Cooper." Only recently has she started calling them just Phoebe and Cooper.


Monday, July 28, 2008


We went on a new (to us) hike called "Jockey Cap" in Fryeburg, Maine (home of the famous Fryeburg Fair!) over the weekend.

The Wog and her father get sucked into a whirlpool: (I have no idea what's going on with this shot, but it's kind of cool. Very Dr. Who.)

Stopping for a photo op (another of The Wog's signature poses):

A short way up the trail there was a very cool series of rock formations...perfect for kids to hide and play:



At the summit there was this very cool apparatus/map that aligned all the local mountains if you looked through it properly. Hurricane Mountain is where we live!


Woggies at rest:

The Wog did the whole thing herself while The Doodle hitched a ride. Here he is in a rare appearance:

Afterwards we attempted to have a picnic and a swim at a nearby beach we'd heard good things about. Alas, days and days of rain amounted to no beach at all. We made the buggy best of it.

On their way to the playground the next morning:


The Wog attended a local children's theatre performance on Friday night starring her friend Eliza and her "reading buddy" from preschool, Eden. Here she is with them afterwards; she brought them each a little bouquet of hydrangeas from our yard, and she was so proud to give them to her friends.

With Eliza (AKA "Lily the Rock Star"):

With Eden (AKA "The Pink Poodle"):

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


A beautiful bright-eyed little ham:

The standard Wog Princess pose:

Note the gigantic feet. We call her Drusilla: (If you don't have a preschool girl and thus aren't watching Cinderella at least weekly, that is a reference to one of the stepsisters whose feet are way too big to fit the dainty little glass slipper.)

This to me looks like a total "school picture" shot:

I wish I had better pictures of The Doodle, but he honestly is not still long enough to get a non-fuzzy shot! Check out the new molar, though:

So happy together!

Monday, July 21, 2008


Polly's little friend Lily turned 4, and celebrated her birthday in a gorgeous fairy garden with a treasure hunt followed by crown and wand decorating. The Wog could not have had a better time. The Doodle enjoyed himself too...particularly the watermelon!

The Fairy Queen and her Fairy Court:

(The adorable cape--Polly's came off only for bedtime last night, and is back on already this morning--was made by Lily's talented grandmother, Mimi!)

Bedecking their royal accessories:

Spinning fairies:

Done spinning:

Cupcake #1:

Cupcake #2:

(The Wog is all about cupcakes. When Minnie asked her last night what kind of party it was, Polly answered, "A Cupcake Party!")

Happy Birthday, Lily!