Thursday, April 26, 2007


And the rest of her, too!

Walking the red (er, pink) carpet with her trusty companion, Pig.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007


It was 85 degrees here yesterday but we still have piles of unmelted snow on our property. It is a perk of living here to be driving--sweating--along in your car while looking straight ahead at an all-white Mount Washington.

The Wog has been playground-bound every day since the weather turned...some days even twice! Her father took her on Saturday morning and there was an older little girl there with one of those virtual pet things (I don't know what they're called); she was wearing it around her waist in some kind of holster. The Wog marched up to her and asked, "Is that your cellphone?"

Thursday, April 19, 2007


When Minnie and Pop-Pop arrived, they came bearing a crown from Burger King. The Wog insisted she was a king, not a queen. Here she is, opening some Easter "fwesents" from Minnie and Pop-Pop, Aunt Mary Beth, and Great Aunt Gloria.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007


We always try to take the same picture of The Wog with Minnie and Pop-Pop before they return to NJ. Unfortunately, we also always make the same mistake: we wait until Minnie and Pop-Pop are ready to leave, and The Wog is ready for a nap!

Minnie attempted to perk her up with her new, beloved princess backpack:

It worked:

Minnie smells the flower:

The Wog smells the flower:


We usually go to Sunday brunch with Minnie and Pop-Pop when they visit. Here is what The Wog looked like last April at brunch:

And one year later:

An older, husband and wife couple play the piano and sing, and The Wog loves it! She likes to go stand in front of them and dance.

Before we left for brunch, The Wog played with a flower made by Minnie.

Here, The Wog inhales the flower smell (which Minnie cleverly perfumed):


After Grandma and Grandpa visited, Minnie and Pop-Pop arrived, bearing lots of presents as well as present-wrapping materials. (The Wog loves wrapping presents--no matter what's inside--as much as she loves receiving them.) The Wog was very happy to see them and woke up every morning to demand, "Wanna go downstairs with Minnie and Pop-Pop!" Unfortunately, said wake-up time was around 5AM.

Minnie and Pop-Pop were hit with this several days into their visit:

Happy Wog:

The "death glare":

The Wog came down with an icky stomach flu on Friday. Here she is, looking miserable:

Before she got sick, The Wog got to take a swimming lesson!

The Wog also baked her very first batch of cookies with Minnie, although she immediately got too sick to eat any of them!

Sunday, April 08, 2007


The Wog very much enjoyed her Easter visit with Grandma, Grandpa and Memaire.

We also introduced The Wog to "The Sound of Music," and she loves the singing and dancing. Here, she and her father reenact the Austrian folk dance performed by Captain Von Trapp and Maria:

A smooch under the "monkeytoe."

Happy Easter from The Wog!


Friday, April 06, 2007


I told The Wog this was a "princess dress" to promote cooperative dressing this morning. It worked. She then hammed it up for the camera afterwards, swirling in her pretty dress...

...then a curtsy...

...and culminating in a bow!

(In New Hampshire, practical princesses wear snow boots with their ballgowns...even in April!)


The Wog gasped with delight when I pulled this costume out of the box. She got over wearing the ears pretty quickly, though.

The other day I finally switched my screensaver from the one that came with the computer to one that rotates through our photos. 99% of these are pictures of The Wog, and 1% are pictures of The Wog's father's bicycle. She is mesmerized by herself and frequently turns to me and says, "That's me! Pah-yee!." She has called herself "Pah-yee" since she first learned her name; I told The Wog's father last night that I will be sad when she corrects her pronunciation; it's so cute! Then again, not so cute, I guess, on a 25-year-old woman?