Thursday, September 25, 2008


The Doodle HATES bath time, during which he is an angry, squirmy (and for lack of a better word) PISSED OFF mess. In an effort to make the bath more pleasant for everyone involved, Minnie bought an adorable, inflatable ducky bathtub, which The Doodle loved pool-side in NJ this summer. Alas, he recognizes a bath when he gets one, and as yet refuses to submit to the cuteness of the ducky long enough to get clean--let alone for the 20 minute, thrice (I kid you not)-daily "soak and seal" recommended by the dermatologist.

The Wog, however, LOVES the duck and spends some time every day sitting in it reading or watching her new favorite program, Sid the Science Guy. (Yesterday she learned why she can still smell a baby's dirty diaper from another room--good to know.)

And last night, we happened upon a new lover of the ducky bathtub:

So while it may not have The Doodle's seal of approval, it is earning its keep amongst our menagerie. We'll just have to keep Piggy's nails clipped.

Meanwhile, The Wog has decided that having her picture taken on the way out the door for school each morning is absolutely no fun. I enticed her with a pink balloon, but I don't believe the photo sessions are long for this world. Considering the winter clothes are on their way (I've already seen MITTENS at school!), it wouldn't be very exciting anyway.

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