Wednesday, October 29, 2008


You can expect more of Halloween (or as we celebrate in our household, Polloween!) over the next couple of days but for now, I give you an advance preview of Miss Piggy...

(Can you tell how delighted she was by herself?)

...her baby brother, Kermit...

(The Doodle's signature nose scrunch returns!)

...and their friends Belle and Tinkerbelle:

We kicked off Polloween with the library's annual parade. Tomorrow is a day of rest, and then Friday is chockful of Polloween activities!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


If you've read The Omnivore's Dilemma then you already know that the corn industry is the cause of many of today's societal ills in America and the root of all evil in the world. (Well, maybe that's an extreme interpretation, but the book is certainly eye-opening.) Over the weekend we put that out of our minds and headed off to the Corn Maze at a local farm.

At play in the "Corn Box:"

The Doodle chilled like this for a good few minutes:

Thw Wog sees how she measures up this year:

On her way through the (muddy, muddy) maze:

The always-popular Moo Express:

This was The Doodle's first (and second!) spin on the Moo Express. He loved it right up until he lost his cushion-y hat and his little head started banging up against his seatba├žk:

The Wog carefully selected pumpkins...

...including one for The Doodle!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


The town in which The Wog attends preschool is currently hosting the Return of the Pumpkin People--an event in which local businesses, restaurants and residents create scenes featuring "Pumpkin People." I'm sure it's no simple task to erect and maintain a "person" from just a pumpkin head (as evidenced by the rudimentary appearance of many Pumpkin People, but Lord knows I couldn't do better) but one local inn created a scene that's been receiving a lot of press, and rightfully so! (And nearly every time we go by, tourists are stopped doing exactly what Marc and The Wog are doing below.)

The 5th (and 6th!) Beatle:

The Wog got the boot because she couldn't get the pose down. (We didn't even try with The Doodle):

For reference, the original Abbey Road cover:

(Isn't Pumpkin John UNBELIEVABLE???)

When I went by today, Ringo appeared to be suffering from a mild case of rot, so here's hoping he recovers!

(Speaking of recovery, our Mac is headed off to a Mac Genius tomorrow, but I quickly got on to download a few pictures...more coming tomorrow.)

Monday, October 20, 2008


We are experiencing technical difficulties here in the form of a broken computer (warrantied, yay!); a camera that refuses to download pictures to the old laptop I'm currently using; and an old laptop with an apparent aversion to Caps Lock. Considering that things go in threes, I think we're getting off easy. While we may be temporarily without pictures, I have a little story to share that captures The Wog in all of her little Wogness.

Last night was not a good night for The Wog. She padded into our room around midnight, snivel-ly and coughing. I had a bit of this bug last week, so it was only a matter of time before it made its way to her and The Doodle. The Wog couldn't sleep because her nose was running, and she couldn't put that into words; instead, everything else was wrong: too cold, too many covers, the wrong pacis (there is a distinct hierarchy of pacifiers--known only and absolutely to her--amongst her collection, and yes, I know, she is too old for pacis and we are working on that but as a wise person recently told me, "No one goes to college sucking on a pacifier," so I'm going with that until a medical professional--or university admissions officer--tells me otherwise). After much tossing and turning and squirming and wriggling and kicking and punching and shucking of sheets (it's like sharing a bed with an angry octopus), she burst into her signature high-pitched wail. We asked her what was wrong, but the wail continued to escalate as we repeatedly explained that we couldn't help her until she told us what was bothering her. Finally, she warbled that she had to pee. Marc offered to take her down to the bathroom and they both got out of bed, but The Wog just stood at the top of the staircase sniffling, shuffling her feet, and rubbing her eyes, despite our best encouragement to move things along. As parental patience rounded the corner into sleep-deprived exasperation, Marc asked her one last time if he could help her. She yelped back at him with great frustration, "I'm just trying to help myself!!!"

And that--right there--is The Wog. She does not often wallow or stew; she moves forward and up however she can. The Wog wants more than anything to be happy, and everything she does is a means to that end.

Clearly The Wog needed some time to work it out-- or to help herself, as the case may be. Minutes later, she was cheerily tucked back into bed working on her LeapPad while I read a book. (Poor Marc got bumped to the guest room.) The octopus was no longer angry, and we turned off the light and went to bed.

Thursday, October 16, 2008


The Wog received a pink, bejeweled, twinkle-lit princess tent from some very thoughtful friends for her birthday. When she opened it she exclaimed, "I can't even believe it!" Last night, she insisted on sleeping the tent; the packaging says it holds six (giggling, wriggling, squealing) little girls, so I suspect it will be the locale of many future sleep-overs!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


The Wog has been very excited about her birthday and ballet birthday party. Every day for the past two weeks she has asked me, "Am I four yet?" When the big day actually arrived, I don't think she could believe that it was really here. While we missed the company of some loved ones, we made the very best of it!

Do you think the guest knew The Wog's favorite color?

The "peeee-yata" was definitely the highlight of the party.

These little guys meant business!

I'd hate to be on the other end of that stick:

The Wog takes another go.

(The "pee-yata" would not submit to the broomstick. Eventually, it submitted to the pocketknife.)

And another!

The Doodle did not get a turn, but didn't seem to mind!


She blew out all the candles on the first try!

Afterwards, The Wog opened her gifts with plenty of "help:"

How a determined-yet-artistically talentless mother improvises when the poster ordered for the "Pin the Tutu on the Ballerina" game never arrives:

(The headpiece was also supposed to be a skirt petal, but one of the partygoers saw it as a crown; who was I to correct her?)

After the party, she insisted on donning one of her new "glamour" dresses from Aunt MB. Then she melted down because we didn't let her have ANOTHER piece of chocolate.

How every birthday girl should feel on her big day:

(She was positively abuzz with happiness.)

When the party was all over I asked The Wog if she was sad that it was over; she said "yes," paused, and added, "But I'm still four, right?" HAPPY BIRTHDAY, to the sweet, lovely, irrepressible Wog!

Saturday, October 11, 2008


In case it's not immediately apparent from these pictures, The Doodle LOVES this.

More surprisingly, he also loves this:

(Doesn't it look like Marc is showing off a great catch?)

The Wog got a fabulous "Hello Kitty" bike for her 4th birthday from Grandma and Grandpa. I think you can tell that she is a big fan. She said, "I love it! I can't believe it!"

Taking it out for the first time:

Marc also had to take it out for a spin:

The Doodle, meanwhile, continues his pursuit of Piglet, while Piglet continues her pursuit of avoiding him.

The face-off:

He also enjoys a tasty apple:

This expression is usually accompanied by an "mmmmmm" sound:

Three generations of Vaillants, under an apple tree older than all of us!

And the whole gang: