Wednesday, April 26, 2006



Since The Wog's first two words were "duck" and "quack" it seems particularly fitting that we are now hosting two ducks of our own, Sidney and Robert, on the little pond in our backyard. Robert has been MIA of late, and The Wog's father is convinced that she is off incubating her eggs.

Here, The Wog and her Daddy feed the fish and ducks, while I watch from the kitchen window.


Polly had nothing but love for the Easter Bunny, although you can't tell so much from this picture. Look at her little hands clutching his (or her?) hands (or paws?).

And here are some outtakes from our attempt at an Easter shoot. (Now that The Wog is fully mobile, getting a good picture is a challenge.)


The Wog has been basking in the spotlight for the past couple of weeks--first with a visit to her Connecticut grandparents and then with a visit from her New Jersey grandparents.

In addition to being well loved, she was also well fed.

Sunday, April 09, 2006


We had some bookshelves to assemble yesterday. Lucky for us, The Wog was around to help out!

Notice her little fists clenching and unclenching in anticipation of getting hold of something.

Not quite satisfied that her father is doing it properly, The Wog looks on in a supervisive capacity:

Friday, April 07, 2006


The Wog puts up quite a fight when I try to style her hair these days which is 1) why she looks like a ragamuffin in all of her pictures and 2) why she never wears our much beloved pigtails anymore. But today I prevailed. (My secret? I distracted her with raisins. This only works one out of every hundred times, however.)

When styling The Wog's hair in pigtails, either the front or back must be sacrificed for the good of the other. So she looks good coming or going...but not both. Nevertheless, documentation was in order as I realize it might be the last time she wears her hair as such until she's old enough to understand that bribery is mutually beneficial.

And a little quiz to keep Wog-lovers on their toes: can you tell which pictures were taken before lunch and which after? (Hint: look for the rumpled hair and peach-stained shirt.)

Thursday, April 06, 2006


The Wog is almost walking, and will take a step here and there. The doctor has informed us that she is entirely capable of walking, but is such a speedy crawler that she just doesn't see the point. Here she is, standing unassisted in the hallway. (When she rises to an unassisted stand, she looks like she's learning to surf.)

Despite the snow that fell yesterday, we had several days of good weather last week. Over the weekend we attempted a park outing, but The Wog was cold and informed us almost immediately of her discontent.

For her birthday, The Wog's aunt gave her a darling purple chair with her name on it. The name is obstructed in these pictures, but The Wog loves her chair. Unfortunately, she does not enjoy sitting on it nearly as much as she enjoys standing on it. She has a view out her window onto our little pond, on which two ducks (The Wog's father decided the must be "soulmates") have taken up residence. She looks at the pond and quacks her little heart out.

Monday, April 03, 2006


According to The Wog's father, she said "Frigerator" this morning. The Wog has her priorities!