Sunday, September 07, 2008


We took an impromptu trip to Portland over the weekend and checked out their local children's museum. Both The Wog and The Doodle had a blast. Literally! Here they are manning (and womanning) the spaceship.

At play in the Toddler Room:

Learning how to use chopsticks:

The Doodle fails to grasp that in Japan they don't eat ON the table:

A place to read AND climb at the same time? The Doodle is in!

Not a fun place for Pop-Pop:

Who's that under there?

The Doodle!

Checking things out:

People up here really like their scat:

Something to climb!

The Doodle scoops out (soy, obviously) ice cream in the "diner": 

The Wog is a good little citizen and returns her grocery basket:

The Wog and her father play "Twitcher" while The Doodle looks on in amusement:

The Wog also participated in a play at the Museum. She took the whole thing very seriously andwas quite proud of herself, as is evidenced by the expression on her face in these pictures:

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