Monday, January 07, 2008


More Christmas pictures may be headed my way from various other cameras, but for now here is the wrap-up. As usual, we took our farewell photo with Minnie and Pop-Pop before they headed back to NJ. Alas, The Doodle could not be bothered to wake up for the shoot.

Stopping by to see Memaire on our way out of town:

The Wog loved my parents' tree so much she attempted to hug it while exclaiming, "I LOVE Christmas!"

Not for Santa's eyes:

The Doodle, sleeping off the festivities:

An early Christmas present from Minnie and Pop-Pop for our own Woggy Crocker:

The Doodle enjoyed chilling with cousin JP. Quite the dapper fellows, don't you think?

Back at the farm(house), this year's decking the halls looked like this:

(Not much changed from last year, except for the plastic, LED light chandeliers hanging from the curtain rods in the living room. These were advertised as being "a little something to spice up your trailer home." Indeed!)

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