Wednesday, January 30, 2008


School was canceled today because of the weather (rain, but weather all the same) but we managed to fill up the day with fun activities--the Children's Museum, followed by lunch with her two best girlfriend, and wrapping up with dance class. This picture was taken via a friend's camera phone at the "nestaurant." The Wog loves to count her "best friends" on her fingers. She has exactly two (best friends, not fingers). Here they are in action (again, the friends, not the fingers):

During dance class, the children sat in a circle and talked about career aspirations (which they later danced; apparently all doctors do is strut around carrying clipboards; who knew?). There were hopeful teachers, stuntmen, "animal doctors," "people doctors," and ballerinas in the class. The Wog was inexplicably silent. When the instructor explained that it is possible to have multiple jobs in life (for example, she is a mother, teacher and dancer), The Wog's tiny little voice--obviously she'd been wrestling with a difficult decision--piped right up: "I'm going to be Cinderella AND Ariel."

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