Sunday, January 06, 2008


The Wog had a chance to visit with several old friends while we were in New Jersey. The Doodle, meanwhile, had the pleasure of making the acquaintance of several lovely little ladies.

Bee and Eva came by for lunch and playtime; we have missed these pretty little California girls so! The visit included the copious consumption of massive amounts of mac&cheese and an impromptu dance party amongst other things. I am hopeful for many future sleepover parties. I'm also their parents will send me better pictures than this one, which is somehow the only one I have.

(I'm going on the record here to say that Bee and Eva are also the children of future winners of The Amazing Race. I just know it!)

The Wog also met up with her energetic and adorable German-American (future) penpal during our trip. It was a semi-amicable encounter:) I was going on about how crazy these swings are and how the kids look like all they need is a beer and a remote control, until someone kindly pointed out that they are for disabled kids.

Exploring the woods:

A group shot with Awbreys, Lenzes and Vaillants:

I don't know who loves The Wog's pink boots more: The Wog or me!

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