Monday, January 07, 2008


We had the chance to take Minnie and Po-Pop on one of our very favorite wintry excursions on their visit--a horse-drawn sleigh ride! The weather was pleasant, and the reindeer eager to eat the snacks offered up by The Wog, who was under the happy delusion that we were en route to the North Pole. During the ride, the sleigh driver delivered a tour of the historic inn's lovely grounds. He pointed out various destinations like the chapel, skating lake, multiple bonfires, etc. When he pointed out the pool, The Wog perked right up to exclaim, "The North Pool?"

Our bundled up family:

Minnie and Pop-Pop on the sleigh:

Inside the fireside gazebo:

Watch The Wog feed a reindeer and demand popcorn:

(Ignore The Doodle's grunting--he's strapped to me as I'm taking the video--and Minnie and Pop-Pop's running commentary re: their photographic pursuits!)

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