Thursday, January 31, 2008


Christmas tree!

The formerly festive, now-forlorn fatty:

Thankfully, spontaneous combustion is a rarity. (The happiest person to see this thing gone, by the way, may well be the woman who cleans--and vacuums--our house.)

Yes, The Wog and I just managed to take it down today, but I had an excuse--good or not I'll leave to you, reader--for taking my time. (And besides, we've been enjoying it. In fact, I briefly considered hanging on until Valentine's Day, pink as our tree is.) Several weeks ago, I scoured the web for a packing system in which to safely and efficiently store our ornaments which would not require wrapping and unwrapping every single item. Everything I found was either backordered or out-of stock. (So I still wasn't exactly early in this task, but I wasn't late, either.) I finally found an online shop that listed the containers I wanted as available, so I ordered them to be delivered via 2-day air because while I may not be the model of domestic precipitance, when I'm ready to get down to it, I'm ready to get down to it. And then I waited for them to arrive. And waited. The weekend came and went. I contacted the store the following Monday, and was informed that the items were backordered and not expected until earlier this week. More weekends came and went while I dug in, refusing to take down the ornaments without my new storage system. And then voila: they arrived yesterday! Merry Christmas to me!

It was totally worth the wait, as all of our ornaments and 95% of our holiday decor--including lights, tree topper, and various other decorations--are now happily tucked away awaiting next year. Or, as The Wog says, "When I am four." And come that time, if anyone hears me say we need more ornaments, remind me to take a look at these:

A close-up cross-section (these are four-deep and completely full):

Taking down the tree is a task I wish on no one, but we had our fun:

("Uncle Doodle wants YOU, sparkly pink tree topper!")

If it's not immediately apparent, The Wog took the task of holding our tree topper on her head VERY seriously.

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