Sunday, January 27, 2008


I was a little worried when we headed for our first foray into ice skating that The Wog would not enjoy herself. But I should have known better. She hit the ground running (or the ice skating, as the case may be) with her typical fearless aplomb. Luckily, she has a great (and patient!) skater of a Daddy to help her on her way!

Donning her skates for the very first time:

Check out the bling on The Wog's left hand:

She was quite proud of herself:

On their way:

The Wog insisted on trying to push the crates by herself:

A cozy Doodle prepares to hit the rink:

He and I observed:

The Wog in action:

(I taped the U.S. figure skating championships on television last night--AKA "The skating princesses," accoring to The Wog, and she has been watching them ever since...they've surpassed Lawrence Welk as The Wog's favorite reality television program!)

Non-skating love from Daddy:

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