Sunday, January 06, 2008


It's become my tradition to post outtakes from The Wog's (and now The Doodle's) holiday card photo shoot on this blog. A lot of work goes into getting one decent picture of one active child; the job's difficulty increases exponentially with The Doodle now in the mix! Still, after three different photo shoots, we came up with a couple winners, a couple clear losers, and a bunch of amusing inbetweens. I'll let you be the judge which is which! (The Wog's father and I came down on very different sides...)

What The Doodle thinks of all of this:

The Wog perches ON The Doodle:

Body warmth:

They were good sports, but got tired after a while!

The Doodle's Daddy was enjoying himself:

The Wog loves a good snowball fight:

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