Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Bathing suit? Check!
Tutu? Check!
Pink sparkly ballet flats? Check!

And The Wog is good to go!

The Wog is not happy unless she is wearing one of her pink bathing suits. She wakes up in the morning and the first thing we hear over the monitor is, "I wanna wear my pink bathing suit!" (Sadly, she's stopped calling it her "swimming soup.") She wants to wear it to school. She wants to sleep in it. She does not understand if it's in the laundry or otherwise MIA. Life has become a non-stop bargaining session over if and when she can wear the suit. As in, "If you put these pants on now and leave them on (otherwise she strips them off the first chance she gets) and go to school, you can put your bathing suit on as soon as we get home." And she never forgets that promise, either. However, I anticipate that when her ballet attire arrives in the mail later this week, the bathing suits might finally get a much-needed break.

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