Tuesday, September 11, 2007


They say Day Two is the telling one, and The Wog eagerly headed back for more today. We're going for a three-fer of successful school days tomorrow, and I don't anticipate any issues. But The Wog likes to keep us on our toes.

I lamented to The Wog's father yesterday morning after dropping her off that this is the beginning of The Wog's "private life" from us. Her mornings are now spent doing new and exciting things that are a mystery to me; I know little about the day's activities and will not know much more beyond what she or the teachers tell me.

A small example: I spent the drive home from school yesterday trying to determine what the day's shared snack basket was at school that day. The Wog insisted it was "noodles," which was actually her lunch--either she didn't want to share that particular information with me or she wasn't recalling it but it was something I might never had known (had I already happened to know it was grapes, as the teacher had informed me that The Wog sought more than her share). At drop-off this morning I was talking to The Wog's friend's mother, whose daughter had told her the day's snack was broccoli (vile weed!); having nothing beyond that to go on, she believed her child--as I would have believed The Wog.

Here she is, heading off to school today:

And modeling her backpack. (She is very proud of the heart.):

The Wog has always sought her independence, and now she is fully exercising it...and loving every minute of it. But lucky for me, she still appreciates a good post-nap snuggle.

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