Friday, September 28, 2007


Over the weekend we attended an event with a self-proclaimed "Balloon Buffoon." Buffoon or not, he knew exactly how to read The Wog, and set out to make her a beautiful crown in shades of pink and purple. She was seriously without words. (To boot, he topped it off with a heart-shaped balloon adorned with a sketch of a kitty cat, but it did not survive being dragged across the grass.) The Wog was so tired on the way home and fell asleep during the five minute drive home; this is becoming less and less common as she becomes more of a big girl and less of a toddler. She can resist the lull of the car; The Doodle, as evidenced by the reflective mirror, cannot.

The following day we took a leisurely, scenic ride on hunt for upholstery fabric and changing leaves. The Wog was not feeling 100%; we stopped for her and her father to share a granola bar, and I took these pictures through the windshield. What they lack in quality they make up for in heart.

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