Wednesday, September 26, 2007


A few weeks ago, I was in the kitchen attempting to unload the dishwasher, The Doodle was asleep (or so I thought) in his carseat in the den, and The Wog was merrily shuttling back and forth between both locations. Their father came home, went into the den, and was greeted by the following scene:

This picture reminds me of the "What's Wrong with this Picture?" illustration that used to grace (and maybe still does?) the backcover of Highlights Magazine. So far I've found the following:
1. The Doodle is on the floor.
2. Despite having apparently been ejected from his overturned carseat, The Doodle is smiling.
3. The Wog, age nearly 3, is wearing a party dress in the 12-18 month size.
4. The cord to the vacuum cleaner lies precariously within The Doodle's reach. (Yes, we actually own a vacuum cleaner, though you couldn't tell by this picture.)
5. The Wog's shoes appear to be on the wrong feet.
6. The Wog has only one pigtail.
7. There is an overturned cup of yogurt on the floor.

If you find anymore to add to the list (and I'm sure there are plenty that I'm blind to by now), drop me a line.

I initially decided against displaying the photo on The Wog Blog for fear of Child Protective Services knocking down my door. Since that time, it has become one of my favorite pictures (and even my screensaver!) because it perfectly captures what life can be like in our household these days. It airs our dirty laundry quite literally (there it is on the coffee table) but also reminds me that it's this very disorder that both clutters and colors our lives.

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sarah said...

Perfect! I love pictures that accurately display life!