Monday, September 10, 2007


Today was The Wog's first day of nursery school, and she handled it like an old-timer. I dropped her off at the door where she was greeted and escorted inside by one of her teachers; she never looked back.

Pick-up was at 1:00 on the playground behind the school; parents are encouraged to come early to socialize with the kids and other parents. I was the first one to arrive (new parent nerves--I obviously was not as well-adjusted about this whole thing as The Wog), and so I had the chance to hear the teachers' comments to the other parents as they arrived: things like "She's so good!" and "He's so easygoing!" So what did the teachers have to say about The Wog? "She's HYSTERICAL!" and "She's so funny!" Not quite sure whether this was a good or bad thing, I pressed the issue. Apparently The Wog is "such a girl" who "tells you exactly what she wants" and is "full of stories." She also will "hey" you until she gets your attention...even if she wants your attention just to wave and say "hi." So we're working on "excuse me" and also on waiting our turn. When it was time to go, I had to drag her off the playground, and she has asked me about ten times already this afternoon if we can go back.

Here are some pictures we took this morning on our way out the door:

It was very important to The Wog (despite her obvious love of the limelight) that The Doodle have his picture taken, too:

Our big girl:

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