Monday, November 12, 2007


The Wog's good friend Lily (sporting an adorable new haircut) came over this morning to play and they had a great time. Luckily, Lily is very good at cleaning up after herself, and The Wog is good at following Lily around, so it worked out quite nicely.

Lily and The Wog are playmates at school, and they are (aside from one other little boy) the youngest in their class. They have become allies in getting what they want and need. Lily is a quiet planner and plotter, while The Wog can be loud and impetuous. So Lily decides what they're going to do, and The Wog demands that they're able to do's a formula that works. (When I commented to Lily's mother on their dynamic--that Lily seems to be the alpha girl while The Wog is more the follower--she suggested that a better word for The Wog might be "agreeable." I agree.)

The Doodle likes hanging with the ladies:

Eating snacks on their "thrones." (Lily came up with that one.):

A big hug from The Wog is tolerated, but just barely:

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