Monday, November 26, 2007


Happy (belated) Thanksgiving from The Wog and The Doodle! We have returned from our trip to Connecticut, and the kids had a great time visiting with Grandma, Grandpa and various great aunts, uncles and cousins. They came home well-hugged, to say the least.

With Aunt Arda:

With Aunt Suham:

The Wog was in absolute thrall of her lovely cousin Natalie, who patiently taught The Wog to play her very first video game! (We took these on the camera phone; hence the poor quality, but I like them anyway.)

A festive fellow:

Grandpa love:

Grandma love:

Polly Pockets love:

Kanderians, Kenderians, Vaillants, Zackos, Kasirs and Heberts:

And a quick story: at The Wog's school last Tuesday the kids made "stone soup" and then were each asked to say something for which they were grateful. The list was posted on the playground at pick-up that day and The Wog proved herself quite the little diplomat. Among all the "my mom[s]" and "my dog[s]" and one "Santa," there was her sweet little "my school." The Wog is also thankful for

And now I can officially concur with The Wog's new favorite expression, "And after Thanksgiving...Christmas!"

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