Monday, November 10, 2008


Despite the rainy weather, we took a day trip to Mackworth Island near Portland on Saturday. We've been hearing (and reading) about the fairy houses here for a few months, but just got around to going; I am so glad we did.

On our way in, The Wog pondered a vast tree:

The Wog loved collecting little bits and pieces of flora, fauna and seashells to add to the various structures, and she even built a tiny little one of her own--away from the "Community Village," for wayward fairies, I suppose.

A floral find:

The sign outside the "Village":

One of hundreds of fairy houses:

Adding to a fairy house:

Happy and on her way!

The Doodle remained tucked inside his cocoon/stroller:

I think a fairy must have visited this photo, and left a little fairy dust behind:

I was equally delighted by these pretty, fairy-shaped plants:

It's a short 1.5 mile hike around the island with the "Community Village" at the halfway point. Swinging benches and long steep paths to the beaches down below make this a wonderful place to explore.

Heading down:

And down:

A stone skipping lesson from Daddy:

The Wog selects a stone of her own:

Seeking (and finding) seashells:

The Wog also found a snail which she named Shelley, who she insisted on bringing home with us and now calls her pet. He slept on her windowsill last night; she thinks he is asleep, and keeps asking why he doesn't move. This morning, he headed off with her to school in a little ring box/bed/coffin.

If you are within a ride to Mackworth Island, I highly recommend this excursion--in fair or foul weather. The rain (and intermittent foghorn) added an almost magical touch to our day. (I also recommend bringing along a GPS as street signage is not one of Portland's many charms.)

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