Friday, November 07, 2008


The Wog poses in her new outfit from Minnie:

Her signature pose:

She's as good behind the lens as she is in front of it! The Wog took this nice picture of Minnie all on her own:

The Wog enjoyed a Smores-like treat at brunch. She got very excited and exclaimed, "I had these in California with Bee and Eva!" Her mind is a steel trap...particularly when a treat is involved!

(This pose, by the way, is the Kitty Cat/Puppy Dog pose often assumed by The Wog and her friends when they are pretending to be animals or just being silly. They all walk around with their little fists up like that, and we have no idea why. Apparently, that is how puppies and kittens walk around!)

She was delighted by this scarecrow:

The Wog loving The Doodle; The Doodle just wanting to escape!

Free at last!

Our usual parting photo with Minnie and Pop-Pop:

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