Monday, November 03, 2008


We attended multiple Halloween parties and parades, in addition to traditional trick or treating. The Wog enjoyed herself while The Doodle tolerated it then spazzed out: he's not used to being let out at night! He wouldn't let us put him in the stroller, carry him, or even hold his hand and walk; instead, he insisted upon strutting around the streets of North Conway all on his very own, which resulted in Minnie having to take him back to base camp.

The Doodle chills with a soy-based popcorn ball at Party #1:

The Wog's posse:

Playing with the cash register is fun!

Hanging out with Minnie between Halloween fetes:

At the library's Halloween parade, The Wog's (mutant) Miss Piggy costume had her towering over all of her friends:

It's not just Halloween around here lately. The Wog also showed off her ballet moves...

...while The Doodle sported a red baseball cap, but NOT a Yankees cap. We're Mets fans around these parts in honor of the original Joey West:

Minnie read to a very eager audience:

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