Wednesday, November 12, 2008


We celebrated Veteran's Day with a visit from Lily and a showing of Barbie and the Diamond Castle. The villain in the movie is named Lydia, but they both think her name is "Italy." They came into the kitchen chattering about how "Italy is a weirdo;" it took me a while to catch on to what they were talking about, but I eventually did. (I call people "weirdos" all the time, so I guess I need to start censoring myself beyond the obvious.)

Of course, the girls first have to don their finest princesswear. Here they are, decked out and sharing lunch. (You can also see The Doodle in the background eating with a fork--which he now insists upon at every meal.)

A close-up of the fork-fed Doodle:

The princesses posed and curtseyed in the doorway....

...and The Doodle wanted in on it, too!

The appearance of the dress-up trunk and surrounding area after the girls are through with it:

Here they are waiting for the movie to begin:

The dress-up trunk (Thanks, Aunt MB!) came with little sparkly slippers--a huge improvement over the treacherous high-heeled princess shoes they usually insist on wearing:

Our Wog:

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