Saturday, October 04, 2008


We held our first tag sale up here this morning, which meant The Wog's inaugural cider (and cookies!) stand. We baked the cookies together yesterday, and set up shop this morning. Her friend Lily came over to lend a hand. They were particularly good at soliciting customers, and yelled at every stopping (and passing, for that matter) car, "Are you coming to buy some cider?????"

Eagerly awaiting a customer's order: (Who wouldn't buy a cup of cider from these sweet, hopeful faces?)

Pouring cider is a team effort:

Clearly concentrating:

The Doodle looks on...

Then gets in on the action!

We sold out of cookies within the first half hour, and the last cup of cider was poured just as we broke down for the day. Most importantly, The Wog had a blast, and is ready to hit the toy store with her hard-earned pay. More pictures from today's fun to come...

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