Tuesday, October 21, 2008


The town in which The Wog attends preschool is currently hosting the Return of the Pumpkin People--an event in which local businesses, restaurants and residents create scenes featuring "Pumpkin People." I'm sure it's no simple task to erect and maintain a "person" from just a pumpkin head (as evidenced by the rudimentary appearance of many Pumpkin People, but Lord knows I couldn't do better) but one local inn created a scene that's been receiving a lot of press, and rightfully so! (And nearly every time we go by, tourists are stopped doing exactly what Marc and The Wog are doing below.)

The 5th (and 6th!) Beatle:

The Wog got the boot because she couldn't get the pose down. (We didn't even try with The Doodle):

For reference, the original Abbey Road cover:

(Isn't Pumpkin John UNBELIEVABLE???)

When I went by today, Ringo appeared to be suffering from a mild case of rot, so here's hoping he recovers!

(Speaking of recovery, our Mac is headed off to a Mac Genius tomorrow, but I quickly got on to download a few pictures...more coming tomorrow.)

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