Tuesday, October 07, 2008


The Doodle is a budding outdoorsman. He is never so happy as when he is outside, and he spends much of his inside time plotting how to get outside. if we open the door even a crack, he makes a break for it.

Here he is on his way down the driveway after a breakout during our tag sale:

Up and down the steps. And up and down again.

The Doodle loves Piglet:

Alas, his love remains unrequited:

Checking her out:

The best bargain at our tag sale!

When not working their cider stand, the girls kept themselves busy via various modes of transportation:

This trike's days are numbered (at least for The Wog). A "big girl bike" is coming soon!

The girls were playing Hide and Seek. Can you find The Wog?

(Hint: they both kept "hiding" in the exact same place over and over and over again--the apple tree must be a good spot.)

The army advances:

And then retreats!

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