Wednesday, October 22, 2008


If you've read The Omnivore's Dilemma then you already know that the corn industry is the cause of many of today's societal ills in America and the root of all evil in the world. (Well, maybe that's an extreme interpretation, but the book is certainly eye-opening.) Over the weekend we put that out of our minds and headed off to the Corn Maze at a local farm.

At play in the "Corn Box:"

The Doodle chilled like this for a good few minutes:

Thw Wog sees how she measures up this year:

On her way through the (muddy, muddy) maze:

The always-popular Moo Express:

This was The Doodle's first (and second!) spin on the Moo Express. He loved it right up until he lost his cushion-y hat and his little head started banging up against his seatba├žk:

The Wog carefully selected pumpkins...

...including one for The Doodle!

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