Sunday, October 07, 2007


The Wog asked me to "wrap her up like a baby" the other day. I obliged:

And here she is befriending a caterpillar. The Wog has been fascinated with caterpillars since the one at her preschool turned into a butterfly right before her eyes. (Seriously, I saw the pictures, and The Wog was front and center.) She knew better than to step on this one, but she did not know better than to poke it with a stick.


Allowing safe passage:


We were on our way to a playdate so I had to drag The Wog away from her new caterpillar friend. As we pulled out of the driveway she yelled, "Bye caterpillar! Bye!"

The Wog loves to make The Doodle laugh. The Doodle loves to laugh. It's a win-win situation. (Note that she is wearing her pink leotard; this has replaced her pink bathing suit as her "must wear" fall wardrobe item.)

We've been busy with corn mazes and river lighting festivals and leaf jumping and state fairs. Loads of pictures will post shortly!

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