Monday, October 08, 2007



In addition to the corn maze, Sherman Farm also offered $1 rides on its Moo Express. It might have been low budget, but it was the ride of a lifetime for The Wog, who loved every minute of it.

Getting started:

The tractor builds speed during this straight stretch, and we could hear The Wog yelling, "Faster! Faster!"

It really picked up after it rounded this corner of the field and The Wog's tiny tune changed to, "Slow down! Slow down!"

The Wog liked being front and center, and also that her cow had a pink nose and was named, "Lady." (None of them were named "Princess," otherwise she would have insisted on that stead instead.) She kept turning around and yelling at the boy behind her, "It's not YOUR turn. It's MY turn!" I'm not sure she understood that they were on the ride together.

Five times around was not enough for The Wog, who wanted more Moo!

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