Sunday, October 07, 2007



This year one of our local farms, Sherman Farm, upped the ante from hayrides past, and created a fiesta of fall-themed activities, all centered around a giant corn maze.

Getting ready to go in her "farmgirl" blouse:

Inspecting the wares:

I thought this pumpkin perch was a perfect photo op, but The Wog kept rolling off:

First we hit the "mini-maze":

She was very proud of herself for finding the exit:

Measuring up:

On her way into the corn maze:

The Wog realizes she's hungry and peruses the vast selection:

She found one she wants:

Unfortunately, corn mazes get old really fast--particularly when you are accompanied by a hungry toddler who doesn't understand why uncooked corn tastes so bad so we pretty much hightailed it out of there. Walking with Daddy:

Weakened by hunger, The Wog hails a ride:

Rounding the corner...

And finally into the light!

The Doodle, meanwhile, just hung out:

Coming up: The Wog's trip on the Moo Express and foray into the pumpkin patch!

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