Thursday, October 18, 2007


The Wog vastly enjoyed her birthday celebration. This is truly the first year she "got it," and she reveled in every single minute of being the birthday girl. In the middle of her party she asked if her birthday could be over; I asked why and she responded, "So I can have it again."

The theme was "Princesses and Pirates":

Minnie festooned every inch of our house with elaborate pink and purple crepe paper bows:

The spread:

We realized pretty quickly that the sweets needed to be moved out of the reach of the hands of our petite princesses and scalliwags. (Note the half-eaten cupcake in the foreground.)

The likely culprit:

Much like Beyonce at the VMAs, The Wog had several changes of clothes throughout the party. She began the festivities wearing her tutu and sparkly shoes, but looked dismayed when her friends began arriving in adorable princesswear. Minnie saved the day with a Barbie nightgown she'd been saving to give to The Wog later. But during the present-opening, The Wog received a full-on Princess costume from her friend Jett. She stripped down right then and there!
Outfit #1:

Outfit #2:

Examining Outfit #3:

Stripped down and ready for Outfit #3:

Outfit #3:

The Royal Court:

How many Princesses and Pirates does it take to open a present?

The Doodle observes:

Pirates napping mid-party:


The Princess and The Queen:

The Pirate and the Captain:

In awe of her cake and candles:

A tired Princess rallies to play with her new castle:

A happy birthday girl:

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