Tuesday, July 03, 2007


Hank, Krista, Freddy, Maya, Amelia and Shunka came to visit. We missed Lila (or "Ninnie" as The Wog calls her) who was busy prepping to lead the ponies in the Martha's Vineyard 4th of July Parade.

The Wog's grandparents gave her a tricycle for her birthday, and Hank put it together. The Wog got riding lessons from Freddy, Amelia and Maya.

First time out:

Getting the hang of it:

Cruising with her "fwiends."

Twins coming and going:

Trying out the "princess bike":

Suddenly with pants:

Everyone worked up quite an appetite for watermelon:

Meanwhile, Freddy was busy catching fish with Polly's new Barbie fishing rod (Thanks, Freddy!). He caught at least three, although I have no pictorial evidence of any of them.

The gang bears witness:

Later, there was bubble-blowing, followed by blueberries and peaches:

And this is what a house looks like after a hurricane hits (or four very active kids have a great time together).

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