Monday, July 23, 2007


The Wog (and The Doodle!) attended her friend Lily's 3rd birthday party over the weekend. It was a luau-themed bash, and a fabulous time was clearly had by all.

Eating watermelon with Chloe (nearly every picture of Chloe and Polly together on this blog is an eating shot):

The delicious cake on its way out. In the next three pictures, check out Polly and The Wog's father in the background; he has to hold her back!

Attempting to leap from his arms into the cake:

Still trying to get at it:

Note the serious look on The Wog's father's face. Holding back a cake-wanting Wog is hard work!

And finally, cake!

Making giant bubbles with Annabelle:


No hat:

A rousing "Ring Around the Rosy":

There were lots of toddler-aged girls at the party and just two toddler boys. And you could tell! At one point, the girls had formed a "Girls Club" in the playhouse and were refusing to admit the boys. I had no idea it started this young!

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