Monday, August 10, 2009


Three out of four Vaillants attended the lovely wedding of Joe and Kelly on Saturday. (The Doodle stayed behind and enjoyed some 2:1 time with Grandma and Grandpa.)

It was a glorious day!

The Wog loves flowers!

There were a bunch of kids in the 4-5 age range, and they frolicked all afternoon!

The place cards were rocks collected from the stream in the bride and groom's backyard.

The Wog enjoyed a cupcake. Or two.

The lovely bride and groom:

(I was desperately trying to capture this shot, but the man with the video camera was not cooperating. I think we were in an nonvocal face-off. I tried to Photoshop him out, but I lack the skills.)

The Wog found a kindred flower girl. They exchanged tales:

A momentary pause in the action:

The Wog and friends get their funk on!

A beautiful blur:

John was the only male amongst the Preschool Posse. The Wog tried to cut in, but the other little girl was fiercely guarding her man!

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