Sunday, August 09, 2009


The Wog made her stage debut on Friday night wrapping up a week of "P-Nut Theater Camp." She was the youngest in the group, which ranged from 4-12, and she enjoyed every minute of it. The kids create their own characters, "write" the script, design the scenery, and sing and dance--all put together in just one short week. The Wog was (surprise!) Princess Annalise, and her friend Jordan was Daisy, her pet dragon. The play itself was a convoluted mish-mosh involving princesses, astronauts, superheroes, a misunderstood black widow spider, and a "Mad Scientist Pug." They sang a song from "Chicago." We were entertained beyond our wildest expectations. We didn't bring the video camera but hope to buy a copy of the video shortly! (Unless you catch it on HBO first...)

When you walked into the building, you were greeted by a "headshot" of each child, along with individualized programs. The Wog did the artwork to the left of her picture. She enjoys writing her name backwards!

She was delighted that her friend Chloe and her baby sister, Phoebe, came to watch. After the play, The Wog emerged from backstage, beelined to Chloe, and said, "Come on. There's someone I'd like you to meet."

With Eliza, Nora and Kim: other P-Nut players and friends:

Princess Annalise and her pet, Daisy the Dragon:

(The Wog had a wardrobe malfunction during the dress rehearsal. We'd planned for her to wear her Snow Princess dress but its poofiness was interfering with the choreography, so we had to make a last minute improvisation.)

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