Monday, July 28, 2008


We went on a new (to us) hike called "Jockey Cap" in Fryeburg, Maine (home of the famous Fryeburg Fair!) over the weekend.

The Wog and her father get sucked into a whirlpool: (I have no idea what's going on with this shot, but it's kind of cool. Very Dr. Who.)

Stopping for a photo op (another of The Wog's signature poses):

A short way up the trail there was a very cool series of rock formations...perfect for kids to hide and play:



At the summit there was this very cool apparatus/map that aligned all the local mountains if you looked through it properly. Hurricane Mountain is where we live!


Woggies at rest:

The Wog did the whole thing herself while The Doodle hitched a ride. Here he is in a rare appearance:

Afterwards we attempted to have a picnic and a swim at a nearby beach we'd heard good things about. Alas, days and days of rain amounted to no beach at all. We made the buggy best of it.

On their way to the playground the next morning:

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