Monday, July 21, 2008


Polly's little friend Lily turned 4, and celebrated her birthday in a gorgeous fairy garden with a treasure hunt followed by crown and wand decorating. The Wog could not have had a better time. The Doodle enjoyed himself too...particularly the watermelon!

The Fairy Queen and her Fairy Court:

(The adorable cape--Polly's came off only for bedtime last night, and is back on already this morning--was made by Lily's talented grandmother, Mimi!)

Bedecking their royal accessories:

Spinning fairies:

Done spinning:

Cupcake #1:

Cupcake #2:

(The Wog is all about cupcakes. When Minnie asked her last night what kind of party it was, Polly answered, "A Cupcake Party!")

Happy Birthday, Lily!

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